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The Future of Mobile Advertising

Adsrivera is a marketing agency mainly dealing with performance marketing. Optimizing and fast result fetching strategies and reducing the risk for companies as we work with them as our own.

A Platform where you can enhance the performance of the Product.

Who We Are

Adsrivera is one of the leading mobile advertising products globally and an early adaptor of programmatic advertising technologies. Adsrivera provides clients a unique performance solution and offers affiliates and developers a full range of custom-made monetization products. Adrivera's ad platform has coverage of over 100 Million daily impressions. Adsrivera is capable to grab current movement of markets and plans accordingly to enhance the performance.

Regards to Affiliates

We understand the need of affiliates, also we believe in trust and good relations. Hence we keep transparency with our work and cash flow. As we know timely cash flow is an important aspect to execute the business smoothly.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager Your dedicated AM will hand-select the offers that are best for you, then continuously monitor their performance and make adjustments as needed.  Your AM is there for you 24/7, with the freshest links and tips on campaign optimization.

Reach the most engaged mobile audience Get direct access to over 900 million highly engaged in-app users worldwide

Mobile advertising solutions providing advertisers and agencies with the most comprehensive and contextually accurate location data for targeting, optimization, and foot traffic attribution.


Adsrivera provides you a dedicated person to serve you always. It helps to improve your business to a respected value also keeps transparency in work.

Audience we target Our affiliate team works hard to target the maximum categories of the audiences so that we can meet the client's requirements. We also target multiple genders according to their age group.

Regards to Advertiser's We respect our Advertisers and keep trying to meet our promises to maintain the quality along with healthy relationships by providing our premium traffics.